There are many things that you must get right in order to have a successful business and to achieve it can be a difficult balancing act. One of the most important factors for success is customer service. By getting this correct it will enable everything to run smoothly along with increasing your bottom line. To get this right, you will need to be able to upsell along with making sure the customer is fully satisfied with every aspect. There are many ways you can do this without having to use aggressive sales tactics that could hurt your customer satisfaction. In this article, I will talk about this problem along with offering solutions.

How To Increase Profits

The two best ways to make more money when selling products are through upselling and cross-selling. These forms of selling methods provide customers with further products or more expensive models that suit their personal requirements. By doing this, it means that your profits will increase as each customer will spend more money.

If you are too aggressive with your upselling and cross-selling sales techniques, it will result in bad customer service and is the wrong approach to take. You do not want potential lifelong customers feeling uncomfortable as they will not return.

The best way to upsell is through your sales display. Putting similar products together and showcasing the greater benefits of upgrading will help tempt customers to spend more without having to force them into making decisions.

The best way to cross-sell is during the purchasing phase. This is accomplished by offering supplementary service or products that are linked to the purchase. A great example of this is by offering insurance policies for expensive electronic items sold. Amazon does this better than anyone and it is worthwhile going through the shopping cart function to see the best ways to achieve this if you have an e-commerce online store.

In the search for greater profits, some companies employ pushy sales tactics to increase their upselling and cross-selling. This used to work well 10 years ago, but now consumers are more switched on to what they desire and expect. If you do not make each customer feel special, and instead make them uncomfortable, it may increase your short-term profits but will greatly damage your long-term profits.

We now live in a world in which a company can be destroyed by having a bad reputation within record time. Most shopping is now carried out online and customers are able to carry out their own research on products along with companies in almost no time. If you start getting bad reviews, this will mean that your sales will get damaged which is why in the modern world you need to pay extra care to this aspect.


It is very important to make the maximum out of every possible sale, but it is as equally important that you offer the best customer service. Using aggressive upselling and cross-selling tactics is the best way to satisfy both needs. Being too pushy will result in less repeat business, which successful businesses rely on to keep them at the top. Always think about the customer’s needs first and design a sales tactic that will help cater to these requirements in the best way.

John Hawthorne is a health nut from Canada with a passion for travel and taking part in humanitarian efforts. His writing not only solves a creative need it has also lead to many new opportunities when traveling abroad.​