Having a well established network is essential in many facets of life. We hear a lot about the importance of networking groups, keeping connections, utilizing platforms like LinkedIn for professional networking and more. Why is networking so important? Connection. Familiarity and connection goes a long way, especially in the business world. While it’s important to grow your network, it’s equally important to network within your existing organization.

The truth is that, if you’re a competent and skilled member of the team, close relationships with one or two connections can open doors throughout an organization. Networking gives you pull. Everyone is connected in some way or another. An organization is no different. Everyone has pull with someone. Cultivating relationships in your own organization allows you the opportunity to grow in that organization.

If you leave a company, leave on a positive note. Make connections with a variety of management members, peers, and more. If you come back to that company in the future, or if you are looking for other opportunities in the industry, you may have created great relationships with people who can vouch for you. There are a few different elements that go into growing within an organization. You obviously have to work hard, take on extra tasks, contribute and prove yourself to be valuable and more. You also have to network.

Learn who the upper level management is and introduce yourself. Get your name out there. Build a rapport. If there’s a company event, grow your network. Let’s say your company has an annual sales meeting. Executives from around the country are flying in to attend this week long company event. What will you be doing during this event? Taking advantage of the free meal and open bar at the end of class every day or sitting down at a table with the people who are making decisions and getting to know them?

Leaders have the ability to create and use networks to their advantage. This is not to say that every move should be calculated. The fact is that the more positive connections you have with people in life, the bigger your network grows. It’s not a bad thing to have a wide variety of people that think very highly of you. This can help with a variety of things within an organization. Great networking within your own company can: create opportunities for you to move up the corporate ladder, grant you support to finish or take on a project, encourage others to share ideas and work freely with you, give you additional resources to make your professional life easier, and so much more.

Networking within your own organization also allows for increased security within that company. A good working relationship with your peers and superiors is priceless. Those that don’t have this same networking capability are not going to be as secure in their roles. What do you think about networking within your own organization? How imperative is it, if at all? What are your thoughts? Comment below!