By now, the masses are definitely educated in at least a little social media 101.  As a business, you’ve probably set up an account on all the major platforms.  Your Facebook business page is fleshed out, your Twitter business page is following all the right people, and so on.  But, are you really promoting your content the way it needs to be promoted?

You’re on social media, but are you ON social media?

I highly recommend thinking of content posting in an essay format.  This isn’t true for every single piece of content you’re going to post –but it does work for articles, blog posts, contests, videos, etc.  It certainly can’t hurt. First of all, consider that frequent posting will keep your page in front of the people present on each platform.  Also, if you want to have regular followers, then you need to interact with them regularly.

So, essay format it is.

Let’s say you’re going to post a video.  Tell your followers you are posting a video.  Remind them that TODAY is the day that you’re going to post that video.  Next, post the video.  Let people know that you’ve posted a video.  Then, send out a, “Hey, in case you missed it, we have a video that we posted.”  Essay format.

You’ve told people what you’re going to talk about, you’ve talked about it, then you concluded by summarizing what you’ve talked about. Simple right?

People do seem to struggle with this a bit.  The thing that you have to remember is that even though your content might be great –no one will know that if they don’t know about it.  How many people do you think are clicking on your business’ Twitter profile to see all of your posts? Probably little to no one.  People notice posts as they pop up in their feeds –this is true of most social media platforms.  So post frequently and at different times.  Tell people that you’ll be posting.  Tell people when you’ve posted.  Remind people that they may have missed what you posted, so they’ll probably want to check it out now.

Social media is a great tool, but if you don’t use it to your advantage then it is a stagnant tool.

Do your current postings resemble an essay format of any kind? What is your “go-to” strategy for getting people to notice your posts? What has NOT worked for you in the past? Comment below!