Brands are constantly looking for fresh ways to improve sales. What will be the next big thing? What is the next untapped source? In recent years, Youtube and Instagram influencers have changed the game and it has made all the difference. They have transformed sales. Right now it is all about direct personal communication.  Chasing sales has morphed into personal communication and trusted recommendations from people with an established following.

From Group High:

Compared to mainstream celebrities, micro-influencers are also more likely to respond to comments, tweets, and emails from their followers. The intimate communication often leads to better engagement that eventually contributes to valuable sales and conversions.

Personally, it’s enjoyable to watch young folks learning to sell things without knowing, technically, how to sell things.  From a marketing perspective, we could learn a few things. These influencers are people who are getting paid to do videos, take photos, and write reviews and they are extremely successful. Advertisers are paying them a ton of money and, as a result, sales are jumping sky high. 

Influencers are not typical sales people or marketers. Advertising is not their calling. So, why is this type of marketing transforming sales so significantly? It is the power of a recommendation. Word of mouth is extremely valuable in purchase considerations. When you combine someone of influence with a real life review of a product, you are creating a recipe for success. Pair this with the fact that influencers are interactive and engaging with potential customers regarding questions and concerns about a product and you have a built in customer support system.

How do you think influencers are changing the sales game? What will continue to change and develop in the future? What are your thoughts? Comment below!