Whether you are an enthusiast or a casual observer of the automotive industry, SEMA 2017 was sure to deliver. This year highlighted retro remakes of many classics, cutting edge engine technology, and new looks at the tone setters for future productions.

1966 Custom Bronco

Ford’s previous announcement of bringing back the Bronco for 2020 has generated a lot of excitement in the auto industry. That excitement has led to a Chicago based company showcasing a vintage 66’ Ford Bronco that stole headlines from the show. The Four Horseman Ford Bronco, from Maxlider Brothers Customs, boasts a Roushe 5.0L V8 engine that pushes out 600 horsepower. This beauty offers a state of the art sound system, power assist side steps, and three rows of seating.

400R Porsche

Gunther Works brought their new 400R as a tribute to the traditionalist Porsche fan. It delivers on all modern expectations of high end performance, while holding true to the feel of the naturally aspirated 993’s of more than 25 years ago. It is, as Gunther Werks has labeled it on their website, “The 400 Horsepower Rear Wheel Drive Masterpiece.”

Engine News

SEMA brought some significant news in the automobile power house category. Honda unveiled its K20CI Type R crate engine. This engine pumps out 306 horsepower and 295 pound feet of torque for just north of six thousand dollars. The reliable Type R engine may sound like a steal, but keep in mind their distribution is limited to track cars. Don’t expect to see this engine out on the street anytime soon.

The new engine from Honda brought about a lot of excitement at the show, until you ran into Mopar’s headline engine news. Previously, you had to tear the engine out of a junked Hellcat to get your hands on Mopar’s performance. Dodge will now be offering their 707 horsepower 6.2L HEMI standalone engine, called the Hellcrate, for under twenty thousand dollars. This engine can be installed into a project car with their installation kit that retails for just over two thousand dollars.

New Looks at Kia’s Stinger GT

Kia previously surprised veterans of the industry with its entry of the Stinger GT into production. The performance sedan was shown in a new light with two custom cars brought to SEMA this year.  Both cars resulted in many positive reviews. While Stinger GT Wide Body was provided through a partnership with West Coast Customs, Stinger GT Federation was brought by Kia to demonstrate the aftermarket options Kia will be offering for the Stinger GT. The excitement for this car is continuing to build.

What caught your attention at SEMA 2017? What were the best highlights for you? Was there anything you were suprised to see or wish would have been incorporated? Comment below!