Among the few events we watch out for annually, theInternational Consumer Electronic Show (CES)is by far one of the conferences that almost everyone is eagerly anticipating. With the continuous development of technologies today, not just industry hacks are the ones interested to know what’s next – regular consumers are also taking an interest. Taking place in Las Vegas on January 6-9, the CES 2015 has plenty of surprising and interesting technology to watch out for, and you’ll be the first to find out more about it in this post.

New Technologies

Last year, we witnessed the Oculus Rift, Pebble Steel watch and eight moregroundbreaking technologies announced and featured at the CES 2014. In the latest event, here are 10 products you should expect to arrive soon on the market or change the technology industry by storm:

Cheapest smartphone by Microsoft called the Nokia 215 which only costs $29.
Smarter tablet through Toshiba’s 8-inch and 10-inch Encore 2 Write tablets with TruPen that uses Wacom Feel Technology with more than 2000 levels of pressure sensitivity.
Gesture control introduced by Elliptic Labs as the “Multi Layer Interaction” that can shift and activate content on smart handsets with just a wave of the finger.
Activity tracking smartwatch in the form of Withings Activite Pop that looks like a standard watch, but has the ability to track physical activities, collect all fitness-related data, and allow users to compete through scoreboards with their friends.
Slim but sturdy laptop with the upcoming release of Lenovo’s X1 Carbon that uses carbon chassis, making the laptop lightweight at under 2.9 pounds with rugged features (perfect for on-the-go business users).
Powerful TVs through 32- and 65-inch Haier Roku TV 4 Smart LED HD television with free streaming access to various channels, and Samsung’s SUHD TV that comes with Tizen operating system, 4K Ultra HD display, and curved screen design.
Tech accessories including Seagate’s Seven model which is the slimmest hard drive weighing only 0.2 pounds and seven millimeters of thickness, and the Wireless Drive that can save 500GB of files without the need for USB connection.
Smart bicycles by Connected Cycle, a bike pedal that tracks the location and movement of the ride through GPS and GPRS sensors.
Food printing introduced by XYZprinting, a revolutionary and first of its kind in the world food printer.
Techie cars such as the self-driving vehicle from Valeo, BMW self-parking cars through smartwatches and more.

Latest Trends

Although it’s a new year where fresh ideas and devices are expected to arrive soon, we should expect some of 2014’s trends to continue to flourish this year such as the wearable technologies (particularly the smartwatches). In fact, in a study by Gartner late last year, it showed that 50 percent of people worldwide are considering to purchase smart timepieces than fitness bands, due to its similar health features but more mobile functionalities. In today’s market, thetop smartwatches are able to connect to the internetand answer calls via voice recognition. In the future, we should expect the introduction of gesture control on these watches, and arrival of other wearables that are more specialized on health such as Google’s Smart Contact Lens that can measure blood sugar non-invasively through the user’s tear.

But, trends in smart transportation will also be on the rise in 2015, as high tech bicycles and cars are in demand. Today, we have the electric cars that are apparent in the United States and the United Kingdom. In fact, Toyota Motors was reported to havesold around nine million Prius cars worldwide in October 2014, the highest sales of hybrid electric vehicle since 1997. With the release of new high tech cars with apps and devices, we can assume more demand in smart transportation soon.

What To Expect Next

We don’t want to sound all futuristic here, however 2015 reminds us of the final chapter of Back To The Future movie, where we will be introduced to high-tech devices such as the hooverboard (a flying board that resembles the skateboards we have today). But, since that is far from happening as of the moment, here are a few things we can possibly expect in the near future:

Holographic movies – With the continuous effort to develop the recent movie experience, it is not impossible to assume that hologram may soon find its way to movie theaters. Currently, we are enjoying 3D high definition videos in theaters and in our homes through our smart televisions. But, holographic technologies such as the onepresented on the video of uTuberXtrashows that this technology is not far from reality.
Public mobile trash cans – Robotic home cleaners such as the iRobot is not a new concept to us. This device is able to clean our home from the carpet to the pool and the gutter by just a click on the system. Thus, we don’t find public mobile trash cans unfeasible in today’s modern world, especially when Japan has already created one that can catch your trash when it falls on the floor.
Smart clothing – Remember that self-drying jacket of Marty McFly that can also adjust to his own size? Then, we should expect an almost similar trend in the future of high tech fashion. Today, there arevarious smart apparels that can complement your smartphonessuch as the wearable solar clothes by Pauline Van Dongen that can charge your handsets through solar cells.

With many devices and high tech systems to watch out for this year and in the near future, we are no longer waiting for what’s next, but what this industry cannot produce in this modern time. What technologies are you expecting to arrive in a few years?