This Inc article teaches that actually starting a startup is only a small portion of the battle.  The key is to get your name in front of people.  Often.  Be interesting, be relevant, and be relentless.

From Inc.:

“Jordan Goldman’s essential business development philosophy is this: Before you impress, first you must pester. The 31-year-old Goldman delivered that message on Wednesday in front of a standing-room only crowd during a breakout session at Inc.’s 2014 Growth conference in Nashville. In the talk, titled “Strategic Partnering for Fun and Profit,” founder of university and college review site Unigo explained how he secured partnerships with the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, and ABC News–all within 12 months of his website’s existence, without knowing a single soul at any of those organizations. The short answer? Lots and lots of emails.”

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