There is potential for success and failure in everything you do in life. The same is true for blogging, article writing, and content marketing. People succeed or fail daily –it’s what you do with these successes and failures that determines how you will move forward.  When it comes to content marketing, learning from the results of your past content can push you further than before.

Let’s say you write a few articles on a certain topic. In this instance, we’ll say that you have promoted these articles across all of the appropriate channels. We will assume also that you have added all the most searchable hashtags, you have created the most attention grabbing titles, and you have promoted them in the best ways. When you go to track the number of views and interactions on those articles, you see that they were very low. You can consider that a total flop and move on. Another option would be to measure that content in comparison to successful articles and topics that you’ve written about.

This is the same idea as using your analytics to improve and adapt your marketing plan. When you compare your successful and unsuccessful content to each other, what do you find?  What topics were people interested in? How can you reuse the ideas from your existing content to continue to create more popular content? A good first step is determining which topics your followers want to read about. Once you have an idea of what is most interesting to your readers, you can then brainstorm related topics that your audience would appreciate.

If you have articles that are garnering no interest, you can attempt to rework them and promote them in different ways. Is the content still dead after your attempt at a revival? It’s then time to consider that your readers are more interested in other topics. Focus and grow the content that your readers are searching for. As a marketer, you have to understand when to change your strategy and when to build on what is working for you. Your existing content can tell you a lot about the direction you should be headed in. Your failure can absolutely lead to your success if you are focused on learning from it.

Do you think that existing content can help build you up to where you want to be? Is looking towards old content a benefit to your marketing strategy? How do you use failure to translate into success? What are your thoughts? Comment below!