We’ve talked about the Net Neutrality debate a few times here, here, and here at J&S.  With the debate continually heating up, it is an extremely hot topic around the internet.  Most people and companies are taking an extreme stance on one side or the other.  But then we have a few, like Netflix, who are continuously playing both sides.  We’re on to you Netflix.

In an article on PandoDaily today, writer Nathaniel Mott discusses how Netflix is now asking the FCC to block the Comcast-TWC merger.  Mott sees right through Netflix’s flip flopping and into the bigger picture they are painting:


“Consider the opening argument presented in its letter to the FCC. While it points out that the merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable would harm the Internet — which is true — and places the merger in context with the state of the United States’ online infrastructure, it also spends a lot of time discussing the negative effect such a deal could have on its business.”

What are your thoughts on people and organizations who are playing both sides of the debate for their own benefit?

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