Well, 2013 is winding to an end and it’s been a big year here at J&S Tech Designs. We’ve been working hard to try to engage our customers and deliver information that you care about. Speaking of which, our blog has taken off this year and here are the top ten blog articles that our readers have viewed the most:

10. Custom Software Solutions: Requirements / Initial Engagement

9. User Interface / User Experience Overview

8. Why Social Media Marketing Matters

7. Automotive Industry Solutions

6. 5 Keys to a Steadily Growing Social Media Campaign

5. Business Management Consulting Solutions

4. Why I chose DotNetNuke – Part 2

3. When should you engage with a Retail Operations Consultant?

2. SDLC Overview

1. Building Custom Software Solutions: SDLC – Applied Best Practices

Lucky for us and for you, it seems like the information that has interested our viewers the most is the information that we specialize in. Custom Software Solutions, SDLC, DNN, Social Media Marketing, UI/UX, Business Consulting, etc. are exactly the services that we provide to our customers and we’re glad that they’ve been so popular among our readers.   

While the blog has helped us connect with our readers, we’ve also spent this year thinking of ideas to make sure that our customers’ needs are met, questions are answered, and voices are heard. That’s why we’ve developed a Q&A section to our site that allows customers to engage with us and each other, ask questions, get answers, and provides a forum for thoughts and opinions.

Another big overhaul of 2013 has been the launch of new information on the website through new articles, banners, and topics. We’ve allowed our viewers to find the subjects that interests them and that they need more information about. From there, they can sign up for email updates that send them more useful content on the topics of their choice: Social Media Marketing, SDLC, Custom Software Solutions, UI/UX, and Culture. Whether you’re just starting out on social media or you’re knee deep in a custom software project, we have information that can help guide you through.

What’s on the agenda for 2014? Well, plenty actually.

Expanding our product offerings to our clients so that you can find more of what you need with us
We’re going to refresh and update the look and feel of our site – it’s always nice to freshen things up and shake everything up a bit so that things don’t get too stale
We’ll be updating the 5 topics that we now feature on the site so we can make sure that there is constant pertinent information provided to you
Incorporating our Q&A section into blog posts so we can get more customer feedback and get conversations going with you
We will be launching a new campaign with contests and prizes provided to our followers on our social media sites

A big thank you to our clients, readers, and followers. We’re hoping for a successful 2014 for you as well!