Alright, I promised I’d be back Monday with the results I’ve had so far with my Twitter and Facebook paid advertising campaigns.  Well, here I am.  Let’s lay it out by social network and start at the beginning.  (And if you have no clue what I’m talking about, start back at the beginning: here)

Facebook: Our Facebook page had been sitting at a solid 77 likes for awhile now.  It was past the point of collecting dust.  I received an email from Facebook with $50 in free advertising credits.  So I set up a campaign for Monday-Friday at $10/day.  We broke 100 likes by the end of that first day.  Big win!  Especially because this first campaign wasn’t tailored to page likes, it was set up to route users to our website and allow them to sign up for our weekly newsletter. 

Following that first week, I tacked on two more weeks of paid advertising.  Each week was $10/day for a total of 10 days.  These two weeks were focused on page likes.  The latest campaign ended this past Friday, our page likes are sitting at 260 (an increase of 183).  Now that we’ve increased our following, my goal is to increase engagement on the page through posts, boosted posts, and a contest.  I’m launching a Facebook contest next week and I’ll have details for you at the end of this week!  I did experiment with one boosted post so far.  I spent only $5 to “boost” a post on Facebook that got a few initial likes.  The boosted post reached 1.5K users, was clicked by 139 people, and liked by 6.  In my opinion, that’s pretty great turnout for a little experiment and 5 bucks. 

The great thing about Facebook is that you can target users who are actually interested in your business/brand/product etc.  Which is exactly what I did when I chose who to narrow it down to.  You can tailor it by age group, interests, location, etc.  Whatever you need for your business.

Twitter:  Twitter and I got off to a bit of a rocky start.  My initial plan was to set up first week, Monday-Friday, for $10/day.  Well, some signals got crossed when I was setting up the campaign and it took about a day and a half to email Twitter with the problem, get an email back, and get everything squared away.  But I will tell you, once my campaign went active.  BOOM. Activity exploded on the page.  We went from 257 followers to our current 832 followers in only 7 days of paid advertising… That’s $70 and an increase of 665 people. 

Our engagement has shot up quite a bit as well.  We are getting retweeted, favorite, etc. a few times a day, every day.  That is a big improvement from where we were before.  My next goal for Twitter is to launch a campaign to get more subscriptions for our newsletter and continue to grow engagement.

Twitter, similar to Facebook, has a great way to tailor your reach, who you are targeting, etc.  They also allow you to choose a tweet that you want to represent your page so that you can share with potential followers.  You can link to your website, a newsletter sign up, or whatever else you want.  They also let you list other twitter handles that are similar to yours so that you can target people who are interested in pages like those as well.

Overall, so far, for under $200 across the board I’ve had some pretty exciting results.  Things are definitely moving and shifting.  I’ll be back later this week to let you in on the details of the Facebook contest I’ll be launching and share a few hiccups I’ve had so far in the process.

Leave a comment below with suggestions, tips, or questions. 

If you want to track my efforts for yourself daily, you can check in with me on Facebook and Twitter.

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