If you’ve been in the social media marketing game so long that you could possibly write the book on it, this post might be for you.  Just because you’ve been around for awhile –doesn’t mean you’re using the best strategy for your business.  Look, it’s human nature to get comfortable and complacent.  Once you learn the ropes and fall into a routine, you start to go through the motions.  Unfortunately, social media is an ever changing beast and refreshing strategy is the name of the marketing game.

What should you be doing to refresh your social media marketing strategy?

Think of what you have on your plate right now as far as marketing goes? Anything pressing that needs your attention? No? Then you need to shake things up. 

Here are some key points to cover:

Go back over old content.

Your business site (and social media pages) should be current.  The content you’re circulating should be accurate and relevant, even if it was written 3 years ago.  If you need to go back and revise articles or infographics, then do that.  Otherwise it needs to be removed.  Spruce things up a little bit!  If your links don’t work or your statistics are dated, your followers will notice.

Check out the competition.

In more ways than one. If you think you are doing all you can, peek over and see what someone else is doing.  If nothing else, you’ll gain a little inspiration.  It’s good to know if your efforts are average or lacking.  Are you going above and beyond or is your competitor posting 3x more than you?  Are you current with contests, sales, and giveaways or are you losing potential customers over your stale pages?

Don’t ignore your graphics.

We’re living in a visual world.  Sometimes we need a facelift. When is the last time you updated the look of your site?  Spruced up your ads or logos? Take a look over your marketing materials and see how current and appealing you really are.

Make yourself a calendar –and then update it.

It’s one thing to come up with a plan and it’s another to stick to and then update that plan.  If you have a posting schedule, review it and make updates.  If you have a schedule for specials or sales, brainstorm new ideas that you haven’t tried before.  It’s okay to have a schedule to rely on so that you don’t go crazy, but you don’t want to be so predictable that customers are bored or turning away for something new and better.

Listen to your customers.

What has feedback been? What are they asking for?  New photos of inventory? Specials? Certain content to be covered?  Give the people what they’re asking for!

Respond to reviews.

This is great clean up for unwanted negative feedback or glowing customer reviews. Make sure that your customers know they were heard.

Leave no stone unturned.

Make sure that you’re covering all of your bases. It’s like when you start cleaning out one closet in your house.  That’s great, but don’t stop there! Finish the rest of the house.  Make a list of ALL places your business is listed or represented online.  Go through and update each and every one of these platforms. You never know which one a customer will stumble across.

Are you ready to refresh your social media marketing strategy? Make your way down the list!  What are your favorite ways to “clean house” online? How do you refresh? How often? Comment below!