Often times, people forget about the ‘social’ aspect of ‘social’ media.  Social media platforms may be convenient for marketing your products and brand, but this isn’t the reason that they were created in the first place.  People use social media networks, like the Facebooks and the Twitters of the world, to interact.  To be social.  So, if you do happen to be a business that is on social media, you have to consider who this person or persona is that your customers will be interacting with.  How do you choose and create a social media persona?

First and foremost, as with anything in business, you have to consider your audience.  You have to consider your customers.  You have to consider your clients.  Who are they? What are they interested in? How should you speak to them and with them?  Obviously we’re not sitting in a board room.  Social media networks allow for a more intimate interaction between businesses and the mass public and that’s completely alright.  In fact, it’s kind of the beauty of it.  You’re breaking down invisible walls to connect with the people you need to connect with.

People actually connect with brands on social media to achieve these sorts of interactions.  You have to ask yourself –what are you bringing to the table?  The social media relationship and conversation is like any relationship or conversation; you have to have something valuable to add.  You sitting in the corner yelling, “BUY MY PRODUCT!” as people roam by is not a very worthwhile relationship for people to keep in their lives.  Are you bringing a little humor? A little connection? Some expertise on subjects people want to know about? Deals and specials? Customer appreciation or a virtual shoulder for clients with issues or concerns?  What is your social media persona bringing to the conversation?

Once you’ve decided who you are, you still have to remind yourself to be social.  Many times people are expecting customers, clients, or readers to connect with them on social media. They’re constantly looking for feedback.  Have you given what you’re hoping to get?  Are you interacting on social media the same way that you’re hoping your followers will interact with you?  Think of social media platforms as evening the playing field.  Reach out, connect, and respond if you want followers to do the same.  Engage in the conversation if you’re looking for engagement.

For those of you who run social media campaigns for your business, who is your persona? Is it witty and dry? Overly helpful and polite? Somewhere in between?  How did you choose this personality for your business and why do you think that it’s beneficial?

Are you having trouble choosing a persona (or even understanding the importance of having one!)?  Have no fear! We specialize in social media marketing consulting and would be happy to help with any needs you may have or may not know that you have.  Please feel free to reach out and leave a comment below!