Take care of you! No really, if you don’t want to fail… listen up.  We all know that when giving our time to a startup we tend to stretch ourselves too thin, obsess when we need to relax, take advantage of the things that are most important to get the things done that seem most important.  According to this article in Inc. by Sam Bahreini – we could be doing some serious damage to ourselves and our businesses.

According to Bahreini:

“The thing, though, is that you’re never “done” with your business. What’s more, studies show that the quality of your physical and mental well-being is a huge contributing factor to the success of your business.”

Read about what you need to do on Inc.

I for one think that not taking care of yourself, your health, and your family is a huge mistake.  After all, what are you working for then?  What do you think?