Now that the Apple Watch is out and about in consumer’s hands, the crowds have divided.  It’s the lovers of the watch vs the haters of the watch.  As with any huge new innovative project by Apple, there is bound to be big feedback (both positive and negative).  But, if the product is a game changer, then it doesn’t need to be perfect in it’s first release.  Right?  It can be a little rough around the edges while the kinks are worked out.  We are talking about a version one product here.  What do people think though?  What have people’s user experiences been with the Apple Watch?  We took a closer look into the people that love it vs the people that brought it back.

If we look at the example of the iPhone, we’ll see its huge transformation over time.  Look at the difference between the original iPhone and its versions since.  It was definitely such an innovative product that people looked past the bugs to see the long term longevity and potential of the product.  We can see its progress and how much better the iPhone got by the iPhone 3.  It had a better operating system, better processor, etc.  Is the Apple Watch worth sticking around for?

Apple Watch Haters:

Apple Watch haters are not shy about their dislike of the product.  Poor battery life is a huge complaint, with users not wanting to charge their watches halfway through the day.  Other users just completely don’t see the point in having a watch that does the functions of a phone when you already have the phone.  Still others had issues with the overall “Apple” experience being different.  For instance, Apple users are used to a single ‘home’ button and on the Apple Watch they are getting used to the Digital Crown and the communications button next to one another.  They criticize as well that to really get the benefits of an Apple Watch, you must also be an iPhone owner, which seems redundant.

Apple Watch Lovers:

People who are fans of this product are captivated at the thought of this mega tech company branching out into yet another category merging wearable technology with fashion.  People who have tried it, and spent some time with it, will attest that there is nothing else like it on the market.  While arguments can be made that there are other products that will work in the same ways (fitness tracker, regular watch, phone, etc.), this is an all in one product.  Although it is clearly a first generation product, users are impressed.  People are hooked with the look of the display and interface.  Users are finding a fluid and simple experience with a very responsive and clear display.  It’s an attractive peice that people want to wear and it is also a smart watch that blends into daily use.  Apple Watch lovers are just waiting for things to get even better at this point.

It looks like, so far, people that are enjoying the product are looking past any first-run-bugs because they are really just impressed with such an innovative product that otherwise offers a very smooth experience.  Others are returning it mainly because they either don’t see the long term need for such an expensive product or because they are not as impressed with a system that doesn’t follow Apple’s usual no confusion methods in the iOS system.  Either way, people are talking.

In my opinion, if it’s a brand new application in brand new market then you can certainly afford to be rough, but by version two you better be cleaning up rough edges, and by version three it better be pretty near completely smooth.  We’ll see what versions to come bring and what the criticisms and cheers are for next!

Tried Apple’s iWatch yet?  What are your thoughts? Comment below!