A few months back, I wrote a griping blog post about the 3 things that I really wished LinkedIn would improve.  I guess enough people shared the same sentiment, because LinkedIn has revamped its desktop publishing experience –LinkedIn Pulse.  With added features to the site, and a redone Pulse, LinkedIn is making some great improvements.

The newly redone LinkedIn Pulse has a new and more intuitive interface.  This includes more text and font options, a new reading view, and much more. For publishers, the new design allows for easier editing. The page is now full-width and has new capabilities. You can easily move and resize multimedia within your article. You can add images, videos, podcasts and more.

As a publisher, my favorite new addition to the interface is the ability to find your articles more easily.  Once you go in to publish a new article, you can the “more” drop down in the top right corner and then select “articles” to see a list of your previously published posts.  From there, you can edit each individual article and see the stats for each. I still don’t like that as soon as you click on the article, you’re in edit mode. It would be nice to have a quick access to the public view of your article so that you could review reactions and comments on each post.

I equate it to platforms like Facebook. What if every time you went to view your profile page, instead of giving you a list of all of your posts as it does –it gave you the “editor” view of each post. You can’t see people’s comments or reactions, etc. It’s not exactly what you’re looking for right? That’s what I’m saying with LinkedIn Pulse. I’d like to be able to view articles and then have a simple button to click if I want to enter edit mode.

They’ve updated also to help users search more easily for the articles that they are interested in on LinkedIn. Publishers can add hashtags to an article before publishing, which are then searchable to readers. This is a great tool because they have also rolled out a content search feature.  This feature allows users to enter keywords and corresponding posts with those hashtags will show up in the results.

The improvements aren’t just benefiting publishers. Many users were requesting a feature to save articles for later viewing.  The mobile app now allows users to do just that. Readers can come across an article, tap the save icon, and have them saved to read later.  They will be found under their “Me” tab.

For a fairly quiet unveiling, LinkedIn has made some pretty significant upgrades to their interface and features. The LinkedIn Pulse publishing tool is certainly one that I would recommend to content marketers. It’s free, you have the ability to reach a large audience, and it’s highly searchable.

What are you enjoying about the revamped LinkedIn Pulse? What are you still hoping to see? Has it changed the way you’ve used the site? What are your thoughts? Comment below!