2014 is coming to a close and this year has flown by here at J&S Tech Designs.  We spent a lot of time this year focusing on relevant current topics to bring them straight to you and give you our spin on them.  Our goal is to connect with our readers and customers alike.  We want to deliver information that you care about, but we also want to engage with you and get your take on the information as well.

Here are our top ten blog articles of 2014, as viewed by you, feel free to take a look back over your favorites of the year:

10. Wearable Technology Trends – Not What I’d Call Practical

9. Qplay: TiVo’s Founders Have Created New Way to Watch TV

8. Facebook is Showing It’s Age: Teens are Turning to Apps

7. Top 10 Products: CES 2014

6. Using Dark Posts (Unpublished Posts) in Your Advertising

5. Why Google is Buying… Everything

4. iBeacon Technology is Expanding

3. Apple’s Big Announcements: The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple Pay, and Apple Watch

2. What’s Happening with Wearable Tech?

1. 2014: Top 3 Technology Trends Emerging in the Automotive Industry

We seem to have a few popular themes this year: Wearable Tech, Technology Trends/Products, and Facebook.  We’ve spent a lot of time this year honing in on things like running contests on social media and taking advantage of paid social media marketing.  I’d say our efforts have more than paid off as we’ve added more followers than ever before and gained more engagement than ever before.  Our goal is to continue to deliver the content to you that you’re looking for and to get discussions going around those topics because we want to hear your opinions!

A few older articles that continue to stay in the front of the pack are:

Building Custom Software Solutions: SDLC – Applied Best Practices

I have developed a series of articles for you to break down the steps involved in developing Custom Software Solutions.  Let me show you what it looks like inside the process…

SDLC Overview

SDLC, or Software Development Life Cycle, is a process classified into a set of phases. These phases, or steps, provide a model for the development and lifecycle management of an…

Why DotNetNuke?

Susan and I formed J&S Tech Designs in 2007 in response to the success that we had using DotNetNuke to build a website for a local political organization….

Business Management Consulting Solutions

If your company is considering working with Expert Consultants, you probably want to know what to expect. The main element you should understand about business management…

When should you engage with a Retail Operations Consultant?

Now, what do you have to look forward to in 2015?  Tons.

We are going to continue to pump out relevant and current content, refresh our site, and keep in mind any and all suggestions you’ll be throwing our way.  We plan to run contests, stay engaged, and keep reaching out –so we hope you’ll do the same.

As always, we’d like to offer a big thank you to our clients, readers, and followers.  We appreciate your views and your input.

Here’s to a great close to 2014 and a strong start to 2015!