Taking the next step, career wise, sounds like a natural progression. You’d be surprised to learn, however, how comfortable some people get in business. Often times people see promotions, added responsibilities and career moves as distant events. When faced with an opportunity for a new role, people will freeze in fear and pass up a role or added responsibility for fear of falling short. My answer? Let the anxiety fuel you. 

Great things never came from comfort zones.  If you’re being offered an added role or promotion, consider why. Are you being trusted with this added responsibility because they see an opportunity for you to grow? 68% of CEO’s admit they weren’t fully prepared for the job before they took it over. The challenges are what help you to grow and improve over time. Does this mean you should show up to the operating room without being a surgeon? No. You do have to know your limits and your expertise, but you also have to challenge your capacity and room for growth.

I’ve been given a few career opportunities in life that were too good to pass up. Were they intimidating? Yes. Was there a huge learning curve? Absolutely. Google was my best friend. Learning by research, trial and error and tedious review helped me to succeed. Better yet, it empowers you to rise up to new challenges in the future. It’s like seeing a steep mountain blocking your way. The only way to go is up. It seems impossible until you start taking it one step at a time, learning better strategies as you climb.

Taking the initiative and seizing opportunities is only the first step. Then you have to utilize what you have. Your own skills and expertise, any research or learning materials you have access to, and good relationships. Building up strong career relationships is still a tried and true way to success. These connections last as long as you continue to nurture them. Consider the people you’ve met and worked with along the way as mentors and assets. Hopefully, they consider you to be the same so it’s a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship. When you find yourself in unknown territory, don’t be afraid to reach out for the support and guidance of those who you’ve formed relationships with along the way.

In business, you should know your capabilities. But you should also be prepared to take the promotion, take the risk and step outside your comfort zone. Are you ever going to be fully qualified to begin an advanced position or will greatness come with experience in that position? You won’t know until you try.