Strategy and strategy execution are essential to running a successful business.  Effective leaders can step in, assess a situation, and come up with a strategy for improvement or progress. What about in the times that it isn’t so obvious? How are you supposed to be a strategic planner when the plan isn’t clear?

In order to establish a clear plan, in a very foggy situation, you have to be brave, brilliant and inspirational. You’re only brave when you’re afraid. You’re only brilliant when you can come up with the solutions that others can’t. You’re only inspirational when others believe in you.  Remember that strategy is not about being the best –it’s about being unique.

Scenario thinking is a crucial skill for anyone who dealing with business strategy. You have to be able to reflect on a process and then take the appropriate steps needed to develop an approach. When your business is at stake, and the plan isn’t clear, you have to be brave enough to stick to a strategy. Many business strategies fail because there is not enough follow through on what’s been established. You can’t execute a strategy alone. You have to develop a strategy, even just an initial strategy to try to sort out the noise, and then get enough buy in that you have the support you need to execute that plan. Sticking to that strategy and following through is absolutely necessary.

Being innovative is another key component for strategic planning in difficult situations. You need to be the person in the room that can think outside the box a bit. You should be suggesting ideas and plans that others aren’t thinking of. If you’re not coming up with these ideas, you have to develop a space where you’re open to the innovative ideas of others. Allow a flow that focuses and illustrates those concepts.

Any effective leader has to be inspirational. If you want others to buy into your ideas, and in turn support you in executing those ideas, you have to be able to get others to believe in you. A successful strategy happens when you can come up with the strategy, think innovatively, and convince others to help you execute it. The follow through is important and the feelings of those supporting the plans are just as important.

Strategic planning when the plan is unclear is absolutely difficult. It is not for everyone and it’s what sets certain leaders apart from the rest. If you don’t hold these qualities, you should be surrounding yourself and your business with people who do so that you can ensure the success of your business. What are your thoughts on strategic planning? Comment below!