At the end of this week we are kicking off another Facebook contest.  This will be number two for us and this one has a different spin.  Our first contest was our trial run, I was a little worried at first (you can read back herehere, and here on that) because it was slow going to get people to sign up.  We were giving away money and no one was biting.  We finally got things turned around though and ended up with a really successful contest.  This time we have a different end goal in mind -increased engagement on our page.

Is it great to have a couple thousand followers on your Facebook page? OF COURSE.  Is it even better, though, to have people who are actually actively participating on your page? YES.  We want to get conversations going.  We want people to respond to our content and add content of their own.  This is social media after all.  Let’s get social!

So, the idea for this contest is to get people involved.  We’re asking Facebook followers to suggest a new title for our newsletter.  We’re going to narrow it down to the top five options and then vote on the winner.  The main goal is to get engagement going on the page.  Any advice?  Have any of you run any similar type of contests that you’d like to share the results?  Comment below with any questions, advice, or suggestions!  

Make sure you visit our Facebook Page May 1st to enter for your chance to win!