Technology is constantly shifting, changing, and evolving –that stands true across every market. The security industry is all about utilizing technology in innovative new ways. Security technology is widely considered to be one of the major up-coming industries. We’ve decided to take a few weeks to peek inside the security industry, specifically home and personal security, commercial security, and law enforcement, to find out what’s hot right now and what’s coming next.

We’ve asked Jeff Monson of JLM Security Products (a division of JLM Enterprises, LLC) to stop in and talk about some new and innovative technologies that are popular in the security industry right now. Monson is a retired United States military veteran with personal and unit awards from campaigns including Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom, with real life security and surveillance experience. He founded JLM Security Products in 2002. Their customers range from military, government and law enforcement agencies to private companies, investigative professionals and individuals alike. Some notable customers include Viacom, Paramount Pictures, MTV, NBC News, and CBS News.

From hidden cameras and GPS tracking to fingerprint activated access control panels and everything in between, we’ve been given a peek into the modern technology featured in today’s security industry. We’d like to know what you’re interested in reading. Monson has provided us with great information on home and personal security, commercial security, and law enforcement products. What are you most interested in hearing about first?

Leave us a comment below with any specific products or technologies you’d like to hear about in our upcoming security industry series. Also, if you have any preference about which articles you’d like to see done first. 

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