Customers are the reason that you have a business. While it’s easy to take this for granted without meaning to, it’s necessary to remember that your business would not be successful without them.  Because it’s easy to overlook thanking your customers in the middle of the daily grind, it makes sense to designate a specific time and way to properly thank them.  Many people choose the holiday season to send a thank you and gift to special customers. This is a great approach, but if you want to stand out then you may want to come up with a plan that doesn’t leave your thank you getting lost in the shuffle of other gifts and gestures.

First, you’ll need to decide who you are thanking and how you’ll be thanking them.

Are you sending all of your customers the same note or giving them the same special offer? There are pros and cons to this approach. You’ll be reaching a wider base of people and getting your name and business in front of customers and clients, but you will also be losing the personal touch.   The sort of gift giving and thanking that will really resonate with customers has to be more selective. It’s hard for a customer to feel special and appreciated when you’re treated them like one of many.

If you are a consultant, with a few select clients, then by all means send each of them a personal gift.  You’ll want to select a gift that they will appreciate: a gift basket, steaks, a gift card, a personalized card, etc.  Including a handwritten note and a personal touch will go a long way. Remember that you are thanking someone. Be authentic and genuine. People can tell whether or not you’re being sincere.

Once you’ve decided who you are going to send gifts to and what those gifts are, you’ll have to decide when the best time to thank your customers is.  Like I said, a lot of people choose the holiday season, but how can you stand out? Instead of sending something during the month of December, you could send a New Year’s card and gift –letting your clients know you are looking forward to the year ahead and new opportunities with them. You can also try off season to make yourself stand out and leave an impression.  When people aren’t expecting to hear from you, in February or at a time during the summer, you may have more of an impact.  You can make it a practice to follow up with new clients or with customers after large purchases sending a card and following up a few months later.

Thanking customers should be part of your business practice. You wouldn’t have a business without customers. While thanking them on a regular basis for their purchase or their business is a good approach, it’s even better to take things a step further and create a truly personalized experience between your business and your important clients.

What is your opinion on sending customers and clients thank you notes or gifts? Do you think that businesses should send the same gift to everyone or be more selective? Do you think that every customer should be given the same treatment or should businesses spend extra time and thought on certain clients? Comment below!