We’ve officially launched our second Facebook contest.  The focus is to rename our newsletter (formerly ‘Technology Business Review”).  We’re letting our followers hold the reigns a bit and send us suggestions for a new name.  Our last contest was extremely successful, over 2000 entries, so we’re waiting to see how this one measures up.

The premise of the contest is different from the first -people were really just entering a giveaway the first time around whereas this time they actually have to come up with a name for our newsletter.  Since they’re different types of contests, I’m still waiting to see if that affects how many people will take the time to sign up.  We do have two prizes.  One is a $50 Visa Gift card given via random draw to one person simply for entering.  The second prize is the “grand prize”.  A $100 Visa Gift card given to the entrant whose submission we actually choose for the new name of the newsletter.

Our original plan was to pick our top five finalists and then let the public vote for the winner.  After thinking about it though, and considering advise given by readers of the blog, we’ve decided to open it up for people’s opinions but ultimately to pick the winner ourselves.  We want everyone involved to have a fair chance of winning.

Meanwhile, we’re pretty excited about the submissions we have rolling in so far!  We have some good suggestions.  I’ll let you know in a few days how we’re doing as far as entry count goes.  Is anyone else running a Facebook contest right now?  Anything similar to ours or totally different?  For those wondering, our contest ends 9pm PST on Thursday May 15th, 2014.

You can find the sign up link: here.

Good luck!