We are introducing our Automotive Industry Solutions page today.  By using expertise in Software Development, Business Development, and Executive Business Management, Jim was able to apply those practices unto a whole new field.   Diving into the automotive industry was an entirely new venture that shows the possibilities of combining efforts to think up custom made solutions for your own business.  Visit our new Automotive Industry Solutions page: here – to learn about the processes used to execute the transformation into the organized, successful, well-structured team that it became. 

Read about our experiences in the Automotive Industry and see how these positive results can also translate into future success for your own business. By combining software development methodology, business development, and executive business management we were able to develop some powerful and exciting new software solutions.

J&S is dedicated to providing your business with custom made software solutions to help with the daily operations, increase overall profits, and help create a more cohesive business unit. The possibilities are endless when design and innovation are put into motion.