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    Our Services


    At J&S Tech Designs we offer a variety of services centered on business development. These services involve general consulting, management, marketing, software development, UI/UX and more. Our approach can target any portion of your business development to individualize a strategy that ends with your success. What’s more? We improve outcomes.

    Business Consulting

    We offer business consulting services that focus on creating tailor made solutions to all of our clients’ most critical issues and concerns. We begin by working to define your needs and to create a strategy to achieve those needs and goals. We will implement strategic planning, marketing, organization, operations, technology, execution of plans and more. Our consulting services include taking a look at your current processes, including the software, technology, and culture of your organization, and then working to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement.

    Business Management

    Our business management services provide a range of essential solutions from operational needs to individual project management to overseeing the entire operation. We work to help organizations to improve their performance and to resolve problems; we operate primarily through the analyzing existing organizational problems and the developing of plans for improvement. We adapt years of industry expertise to come up with innovative solutions. Whatever is necessary to meet your business management needs, we can handle. This includes: work process, functionality issues, building custom applications, developing software products or processes to meet your needs and more.

    Business Marketing

    Marketing can be a tremendous source of revenue and is not an avenue that should be overlooked. We help owners of brick and mortar stores by running successful online marketing campaigns that include social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing campaigns benefiting their businesses. We have many years of experience transforming the online presence of businesses large and small by completely overhauling their online storefronts. We individualize each marketing campaign to meet the unique needs of varying clients and business types. We work to identify your needs and create a strategy that meets all of them.

    Software Development

    We’ve seen it all – everything from work process problems to functionality issues. We can look at your unique business need and reframe the issue into something solved through software. Let us design software that is custom fit to your business. Our software services include: custom software development, mobile application development, web application development, software testing, QA and more.

    UI/UX Design

    We work with our clients to ensure that the user satisfaction with their product or software is optimized. Once developing a product or software, we can work to streamline the interface and design to best benefit your users. We work by improving the usability, accessibility, and ease provided in the interaction with the product or software.


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