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    User Interface / User Experience Overview

    UI/UX – What’s the difference?

    James Nagy - 6087 Article rating: No rating

    User Interface and User Experience can be a bit confusing at first, so let’s start way back at the beginning. When it comes to the design, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two of the main ingredients to a successful application or product. Your goal is to have an end result that is a good balance between both UI and UX. But, what exactly are they and how are they different?

    SDLC Overview

    Software Development Life Cycle - Getting it right for you

    James Nagy - 14067 Article rating: 5.0

    SDLC, or Software Development Life Cycle, is a process classified into a set of phases. These phases, or steps, provide a model for the development and lifecycle management of an application or piece of software. What does that mean exactly? Basically, SDLC is the outline used to frame whatever methods you’d like to use for the creation of information or a software system. It’s a step-by-step process involved in the development of a software product. That’s what makes it the software development process. SDLC is the, “Why do we need this?”, “What problems might we face?”, “Let’s design and put this thing in motion” model.

    Why DotNetNuke?

    Discovering DotNetNuke

    James Nagy - 8231 Article rating: 5.0

    Susan and I formed J&S Tech Designs in 2007 in response to the success that we had using DotNetNuke to build a website for a local political organization.

    We took the expertise that we learned from that experience and helped some other local political organizations and then we stumbled into the small business market, our first client was The Guilty Party Catering in Naperville.  From there it was a quick headfirst dive into owning our first business.  Before finding DotNetNuke, I had built websites in HTML, however...


    New Website Launch - 2013

    James Nagy - 2639 Article rating: No rating

    Welcome to the new J&S Tech Designs Website. This is the fifth iteration of our website since 2007, so we update about once a year. This year we added a new look, blog module, mobile awareness and many other things. Please take a moment to look around the website and see if there is anything with which J&S Tech Designs can help you or your business. We are glad you are here and we look forward to taking with you.


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