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    The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

    James Nagy - 5539 Article rating: No rating

    We’ve led the way in running successful social media marketing campaigns for countless clients over the years. It can be difficult to know where to start and which strategy is the right one for your business. It’s also imperative that you know the ins and outs of each social media network that will benefit your business. We’ve written an e-book to share our insider secrets and tips from years of experience.


    Why Hire a Strategic Planning Consultant?

    James Nagy - 3690 Article rating: No rating

    All companies, at one point or another, will get to a position where they are planning to make strategic changes that are going to impact the direction of their organization. Often times, senior leaders in an organization may be either lost on what avenue to take or may have significantly different views about what the strategic direction they should take is. Deciding on an approach to take and developing a plan and process for strategic change and management is essential. There are many times that hiring a strategic planning consultant is very beneficial to a company.

    5 Design Tips for Non-Creative People

    Sekinah Brodie - 4194 Article rating: No rating

    The world of graphic design is a complex, multi-layered field and establishing yourself as a successful designer can be intimidating. Many people believe you need a college degree, years of studying, and a vast creative arsenal in order to design. This isn’t the case anymore. If you’re the type of person who does not consider themselves to be creative but have imminent design needs, fret not - there is hope for you. You can still utilize design for your business or personal life by following these 5 tips that will make you look like an expert.

    The Importance of Networking Within Your Own Organization

    James Nagy - 3368 Article rating: No rating

    Having a well established network is essential in many facets of life. We hear a lot about the importance of networking groups, keeping connections, utilizing platforms like LinkedIn for professional networking and more. Why is networking so important? Connection. Familiarity and connection goes a long way, especially in the business world. While it’s important to grow your network, it’s equally as important to network within your existing organization.

    IoT Testing: Top 5 Considerations & Challenges

    Mayur Sunfra - 2740 Article rating: No rating

    As per the report provided by Gartner, there will be 20 million IoT Devices by 2026 and there is also speculation that these numbers will rise in the coming future. IoT testing brings in a new level of complexity to the Testers and so for the IoT Testing Companies as they have to adapt to new platforms and techniques for testing the IoT Devices. Some of the IoT devices present currently in the market are: 1. Smart Plug- It is one of the most useful devices discovered as it can be operated easily via a smartphone. Also, it senses how much energy a device is consuming –which will help you in making your home more energy-efficient. 2. August Smart Lock- It eliminates the use of keys as it unlocks automatically when you get to your home and locks behind you when you close the door. In order to deliver the best experience to the customers, IoT devices have to undergo various kinds of tests. This is going to be a challenging task for the Testers. As IoT Testing involves many things to be tested at various levels, there is no best approach defined yet, but here are some considerations that might be helpful.


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