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    How to Find Time to Strategize in Business

    James Nagy - 7145 Article rating: No rating

    How do you carve out time to strategize? Your day is so busy doing. When do you have time to plan? Successful projects aren’t just comprised of one task after another that have fallen out of the sky. They are the result of serious strategizing, goal making and then task execution. So, when do you have time in your schedule that isn’t given to something else to disconnect, unplug and strategize?

    Strategic Planning Requires Leadership

    James Nagy - 6245 Article rating: 5.0

    Many people are looking for the best path into effective strategic planning.  The problem is that a lot of these people are followers and not leaders. Leadership is critical to implementing effective strategy. Remember that the success of an organization is directly dependent on the success of those leading. Obviously each circumstance is unique, but in general people are either natural leaders or they need to learn these traits. Not everyone can inherently lead.

    Creating a Marketing Strategy for the New Year

    James Nagy - 4861 Article rating: No rating

    Developing or restructuring your marketing strategy annually is an important tool to help you outline, develop, and obtain the most important goals to you in a calendar year.  This is a great way to kick off the year on a great note and to help you to focus on what it is that you want to achieve and what you need to do to reach those goals. Because these goals can change over time, it’s important to reevaluate at regular intervals (quarterly for instance) so that you’re not going an entire year before you realize whether or not a specific method was working for you.  A marketing plan should be created annually and reviewed at regular intervals to update your strategy and goals.


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