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    WWDC 2014 Snapshot

    James Nagy - 4993 Article rating: No rating
    The WWDC 2014 has wrapped up and we’ve all had a little time to digest the information that Apple has thrown our way. There was a lot of speculation about what Apple would be unveiling at this conference –we had our own guesses: here. Now that the conference is over and done with –we thought we’d look back and take a minute to share a few points that stood out to us and what we thought about them.

    Apple has picked a new favorite search engine and Google is feeling the cold shoulder

    James Nagy - 3828 Article rating: No rating

    Well, it looks like Google is getting the cold shoulder from Apple after the latest at the WWDC.  They've chosen Bing as the default search engine on OS X Yosemite, and have revealed that Safari users will have the option to set the default search to DuckDuckGo on both new Mac and mobile operating systems.


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