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    Apple Falling Behind on AI

    James Nagy - 6353 Article rating: No rating

    We’ve just had a big tech season. Between Facebook’s F8 conference, Google’s I/O Conference and Apple’s most recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) we’ve seen the big plans that these tech companies plan on focusing on over this next year. As a huge Apple supporter, I have to say, companies like Google in particular are giving Apple a run for their money.

    How You Can Rescue Your Facebook Organic Reach

    Breanne Liebmann - 4073 Article rating: No rating

    ​After Facebook started changing things around for business pages, it made organic reach on Facebook pretty close to dead.  The whole point of having a social media presence is to interact with customers and followers.  Without people seeing your posts, this can be pretty difficult to do. If you’re tired of seeing posts that only end up in front of anywhere from one to twenty followers at most, there are a few things that you can do to recover a little bit of your reach which translates into increased engagement.

    Top 3 Mobile Social Media Management Apps

    Breanne Liebmann - 3911 Article rating: No rating

    ​In order to run effective social media campaigns, you have to be able to run them from anywhere.  You may have a post that has to go out, notes on content that need to be added, or a nasty review that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It can’t always wait until you get back to a computer.  Also, running an effective social media campaign shouldn’t mean that you have to be tied to your desk all day long.  Here are the top 3 social media management apps that I’ve found to be most useful over the last few years.

    Facebook's Solar-Powered Internet Drone Giving Google's Project Loon Competition

    James Nagy - 5059 Article rating: No rating

    The race has been on to extend internet connectivity to all corners of the world.  We’ve been keeping up with Google’s Project Loon’s progress for the past few years.  This past Thursday, Facebook announced that it had successfully completed a test flight of its unmanned solar-powered drone Aquila.

    The Death of Instagram

    Breanne Liebmann - 3862 Article rating: No rating

    ​Instagram has been making some big changes and a lot of people aren’t very happy about it.  They’ve changed their model.  Sponsored posts, formula based arrangement of posts, and more.  Will this have users flocking away from it? We think so.  Photo and video sharing apps are a dime a dozen right now; if people aren’t getting what they want from a social network or app –they are moving on.


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