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    Management Tools are Required to be a Successful Consultant

    James Nagy - 3279 Article rating: No rating

    As consultants, we are professionals who use knowledge, expertise and processes to deliver significant change and improvement for our clients. Consulting is more than giving advice. It’s plan, action and execution. Like any trade, there are challenges. Balancing multiple different clients and projects, traveling for work, meeting deadlines and executing plans are all part of the job description. This is why, in order to be a successful consultant, management tools are required.

    Business: Don’t Let Self Doubt Erode Your Confidence

    James Nagy - 3352 Article rating: No rating

    Doubt is a natural part of the human experience. Truly, doubts are just your fears that manifest in order to protect you from loss. Unfortunately, if left unbridled, those self-doubts can erode your confidence in a way that makes you lose out on what you could have done and achieved. In any career, doubt creeps in. As a consultant, when you don’t have the next client signed up, you sincerely start to doubt yourself.

    Problem Solving: The Skill Every Consultant Should Have

    James Nagy - 5016 Article rating: No rating

    Consultants enter brand new situations every day. As a consultant, you may be coming into a company you’ve never dealt with before, you may be dealing with a specific problem or set of obstacles you haven’t encountered before, or you may be the fresh eyes and perspective that this client needs. Whatever the circumstances, you have to consider all options and opportunities for improvement and then dive in and decide how you’re going to approach and conquer that specific task.

    Give Your Brand a Social Facelift

    James Nagy - 3273 Article rating: 5.0

    Whether you're building a brand or maintaining a brand, you have to remember that it is multi-faceted.  It's like getting a job: you had a great interview, you scored the job, and now it's time to show up for your first day.  Are you going to roll out of bed and run in with the same clothes you had on the night before?  Or, are you going to put a little effort into your appearance?  Probably the latter.  Otherwise, it must have been a phone interview...  My point here is that appearance matters to your brand.  If you want customers to find you, you have to be accessible.  If you want customers to stick around after they've found you, you have to put a little effort into the appearance of your brand.  


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