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    J&S Deal of the Week

    James Nagy - 4510 Article rating: No rating

    As consultants with clients from all over, we are constantly looking for ways to save time. It seems like the simple everyday tasks, like running to the grocery store, can cause the most disruptions in a day and take up the most time. Amazon Fresh offers a solution to that. Amazon Fresh is an unlimited grocery delivery service. It is available in all major metro areas in the US and is rapidly growing.

    Who’s the Eeyore in Your Meeting? The Effects of Negativity in the Workplace

    James Nagy - 2385 Article rating: No rating

    Every business has them. The naysayers. The negative nancys. The Eeyores. There will be a pessimist in every group. While it’s something that we’ve come to expect, how is negativity in the workplace truly affecting everyone? Well, the results are in and it isn’t great. Negativity breeds more negativity and negative reactions. The longer the negativity in the workplace exists, the bigger affect it has on everyone else in the company. 

    Good Managers Lose Bad Employees and Bad Managers Lose Good Employees

    James Nagy - 3156 Article rating: No rating

    The people involved in an organization truly do ensure the success or failure of it. The effectiveness of its managers can make or break an organization. If you want to look at the effect that a manager is having, just look to see the culture of the company itself. How are people interacting? Which people are going and which people are staying? An effective way to measure how good, or bad, of a job a manager is doing is to take a look at who is leaving the company.

    Strategic Planning: What to do When the Plan isn’t Clear

    James Nagy - 2816 Article rating: No rating

    Strategy and strategy execution are essential to running a successful business.  Effective leaders can step in, assess a situation, and come up with a strategy for improvement or progress. What about in the times that it isn’t so obvious? How are you supposed to be a strategic planner when the plan isn’t clear?

    CES 2018: Top Tech Predictions

    James Nagy - 4280 Article rating: No rating

    The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) continues to be one of the biggest technology shows in the world. CES 2018 is sure to deliver. This Las Vegas event kicks off and runs January 9th – January 12th. These will be four days jam packed with some of the biggest tech announcements and demonstrations available to the industry.  Companies like Sony, Samsung, LG, Google, and more will be hosted on keynote stages and in booths to showcase all the must-see tech of 2018. So, what are we predicting to be some of the most popular technologies this year?


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