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    Productivity Apps to Help Consultants

    James Nagy - 1228 Article rating: No rating

    ​Consultants need to be the most productive people in the room.  Consider this: when you’re hired on as a consultant, you’re being hired to do a very specific job.  Maybe you are being pulled in to finish a project that no one else has been able to get done, maybe you’re being brought on to help manage a team or a division, or maybe you’re there because you have a specific set of skills that that company needs.  Either way –time is money.  Also, many consultants are working on multiple projects, jobs, or positions at once. Because of this, finding ways to be increasingly more productive are always a must.

    Why Running a Contest on Social Media is Good Marketing Strategy

    Breanne Sagen - 883 Article rating: No rating

    ​Social media marketing is all about getting people engaged.  What better way to get people talking and doing than running a contest or sweepstakes?  Social media allows for a whole new twist on running contests and it also allows for new perks to your business.  Running a contest on social media is a good marketing strategy.  Why? Let’s start with the basics.

    The Recovery: Winning Customers Over After You Screw Up

    Anil Saxena - 863 Article rating: No rating

    Of course great customer service is key to gaining and retaining customers, but the real test is how you react when something goes wrong, when you screw something up so badly that it could make or break the relationship, that moment when you realize what happened was not a simple mistake but a monumental screw up…

    That’s the truest test of your customer service.

    Creating a Social Media Persona

    Breanne Sagen - 1223 Article rating: 5.0

    ​Often times, people forget about the ‘social’ aspect of ‘social’ media.  Social media platforms may be convenient for marketing your products and brand, but this isn’t the reason that they were created in the first place.  People use social media networks, like the Facebooks and the Twitters of the world, to interact.  To be social.  So, if you do happen to be a business that is on social media, you have to consider who this person or persona is that your customers will be interacting with.  How do you choose and create a social media persona?

    The 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make Most Often

    Sandra Price - 892 Article rating: No rating

    Failure to Delegate – You should use your skills to manage and grow the business, not to perform daily tasks that can be delegated.

    Ignore your professionals – Stay in contact with each of them throughout the year.  The best time to solve or prevent problems is before they become larger (and more difficult to solve).  It is your duty to evaluate their performance.  But remember this, as the business owner, you may know your product/service BEST, but that doesn’t mean you know how to run all aspects of business.  Always be open to learning.


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