The 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make Most Often

Failure to Delegate – You should use your skills to manage and grow the business, not to perform daily tasks that can be delegated.

Ignore your professionals – Stay in contact with each of them throughout the year.  The best time to solve or prevent problems is before they become larger (and more difficult to solve).  It is your duty to evaluate their performance.  But remember this, as the business owner, you may know your product/service BEST, but that doesn’t mean you know how to run all aspects of business.  Always be open to learning.


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«July 2017»

Consultants: The Importance of Being an Expert

​As a consultant, you’ll run into situations nearly daily where you are meeting new people who want to hear about what you do. I get questions regularly on topics that I consult on. Many times these conversations come up on the spot and out of a normal business environment.  So, what do you do when you’re approached, totally unprepared, and you have to talk about your business out of the blue? Do you know your business well enough that you can stop whatever you’re doing and come up with an intelligent informed conversation? As a consultant, this is a must.
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