Working as a Consultant: Being the Company Psychologist

Anyone who’s ever worked as a consultant can tell you that it’s an extremely unique position to walk into an organization as an outsider. Consultants have the interesting perspective of observing company culture as a third party.  This can be a huge benefit to helping clients. The extra perspective can help people to be at their best.  This also puts the consultant in the interesting position of being the company psychologist at times.

  • 29 December 2016
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 871
Content Marketing: What Type of Content Should You be Sharing?

​Content marketing has been around for quite awhile now, but there are still countless businesses that are new to the game or are revamping their content marketing strategies. Many people get the general idea behind content marketing. You are creating and sharing relevant and valuable content in a way that markets your business and attracts, acquires, and engages a target audience.  The end result, hopefully, is to drive your followers and customers into a specific profitable action.  Many get lost in what kind of content they should actually be creating and distributing though.  This can be the biggest downfall for businesses in content marketing.

5 Best Articles of 2016

​With the year coming to a close, it’s always best practice to look back over the efforts that you’ve made throughout the year to see what was successful and what fell flat. Building on what has received great feedback is a great way to start your next year off right. When it comes to articles that we share with our followers, we want to produce content that people want and need. 

  • 19 December 2016
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 688
Hootsuite Enhance: Hootsuite’s New Photo-Based Mobile App

​The social media management platform Hootsuite has launched a new app for the iPhone called Hootsuite Enhance.  This app is a great tool for marketers.  It helps marketers to find, edit, and upgrade photos.  Marketers can then share those photos across various social networks sites.

Consulting: Time Management

​As a consultant, you are constantly being pulled in different directions. Often, you have multiple projects, and people, who need your attention at once. It can be overwhelming and some consultants can drown in it.  The key to managing your workload, and your sanity, is effective time management.  For consultants, time management looks a little bit different than for those with one job.  You wear multiple hats, you juggle multiple roles, and you need to think outside the box a little to effectively manage your time.

  • 29 November 2016
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 813
How to Run Social Media Promotions While Staying Out of Trouble

​Social media promotions, including sweepstakes and contests, are a great option to allow brands to be more social and dynamic.  They offer a unique channel for interaction with followers as well as the added benefit of email sign ups, added engagement, or any other stipulation you’ve placed on entry.  The problem is, there can be legal issues that can arise if you’re not careful.  This is true of any business or brand running a promotion.  When you take these promotions online, it becomes a little hazier.

What the Election Taught us About Being a Consultant

We win some and we lose some. We all learned this the hard way during the latest election. Now that the political stuff is over, let’s get back to business. If any good can come from the crazy that was this last election, it’s that we learned a few things that we can apply to being a good consultant.

  • 17 November 2016
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 907
A Revamped LinkedIn Pulse

A few months back, I wrote a griping blog post about the 3 things that I really wished LinkedIn would improve.  I guess enough people shared the same sentiment, because LinkedIn has revamped its desktop publishing experience –LinkedIn Pulse.  With added features to the site, and a redone Pulse, LinkedIn is making some great improvements.

MailChimp Has a New Dashboard and New Features

​For those that use MailChimp as part of their email marketing strategy, you’ll be happy to know that MailChimp now has a new dashboard that provides easy access to important metrics, shows trends over time, and provides tips to improve marketing strategies.  These new features and sections really tailor make the marketing experience. MailChimp has already been easy to use and a great tool for marketers, now they are improving even further on that.

Apple’s “Hello Again” Event – MacBook Pro

​Today’s Apple event has had the internet a buzz. Last month, Apple unveiled iPhones and a new Apple Watch. This time around, the main attraction of Apple’s "Hello Again" event has been the new 2016 MacBook Pro. When we say new, we mean new. The MacBook Pro has been fundamentally redesigned for the first time in a long time.

  • 27 October 2016
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 774

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​As a consultant, you’ll run into situations nearly daily where you are meeting new people who want to hear about what you do. I get questions regularly on topics that I consult on. Many times these conversations come up on the spot and out of a normal business environment.  So, what do you do when you’re approached, totally unprepared, and you have to talk about your business out of the blue? Do you know your business well enough that you can stop whatever you’re doing and come up with an intelligent informed conversation? As a consultant, this is a must.
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