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Strategic Planning: Back to the Basics

​Businesses are constantly working to grow, change, and improve.  Strategic planning meetings pop up often to brainstorm and plan out the company’s direction and goals for the next few years.  The problem is, at times, you don’t actually know where you are headed in the next 12 months –let alone the next 5 years.  Sometimes, when an organization is searching for the “next big idea”, they should instead be considering bringing it back to basics.

  • 27 February 2017
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 475
Marketing with Instagram Slideshow Feature

​Instagram has rolled out its latest update to users worldwide.  This feature is one that has been popularly requested by Instagram users for quite some time.  The new slideshow feature allows users to upload and share up to ten photos and/or videos in a single post.  This is a big change to the previous model and it’s a change that has big potential for marketing your brand.

Sales: Creating Repeat Customers

​When it comes to selling anything, from a product to a service, there is one thing that rings true.  It is always easier to sell to and get repeat business from existing customers than it is to find new customers to buy from you.  Because of this, creating repeat customers is essential to helping your business thrive. How do you create a repeat customer? There are a variety of factors that go into it.  A large component is making sure that the person you are selling to is able to save face.

  • 23 February 2017
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 549
Learn to Successfully Market with Facebook Live

​Facebook has realized that live broadcasting is a huge trend that is here to stay across social media.  They’ve introduced Facebook Live since then, and now that people know how to use it and are paying attention, it’s time for marketers to start integrating live broadcasting into their social media strategies.

Problem Solving: The Skill Every Consultant Should Have

Consultants enter brand new situations every day. As a consultant, you may be coming into a company you’ve never dealt with before, you may be dealing with a specific problem or set of obstacles you haven’t encountered before, or you may be the fresh eyes and perspective that this client needs. Whatever the circumstances, you have to consider all options and opportunities for improvement and then dive in and decide how you’re going to approach and conquer that specific task.

  • 17 February 2017
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 646
Heat Mapping Technology: Hot New Analytics

​Predictive analytics are a fantastic way for businesses to collect some truly valuable data about visitors on their websites. Conventional website analytics are able to tell businesses where their visitors are coming from, what they’re clicking on, how much time they’re spending on the site, and more. As a digital marketer, this information could be stronger. There is something called heat mapping technology that can tell you a great deal more about visitors’ habits on a specific website.

The Business of Negotiation

​When building software, there are many times that you will be negotiating with other companies or clients.  Negotiation is a business within itself. If done properly, it can really benefit you. If done improperly, it can really hurt you. Negotiations will come up in countless areas of development.  For example, when developing software you may be negotiating with a company for the honor of using their own software inside of yours.  This type of deal is a mutually beneficial one.  My company will get the benefits of your software to add value to mine, and you will get money from every transaction that transpires or set of software sold. If you can negotiate properly, so that everyone is satisfied, it’s a win-win.

  • 2 February 2017
  • Author: James Nagy
  • Number of views: 719
Using Polling in Your Marketing Strategy

​When it comes to social media marketing, one of the most valuable tools you have at your fingertips is the instant feedback from your followers. Customers and potential customers alike are available to give you the responses you may need to grow, change, and improve your business.  This is where polling can come in handy in your online marketing strategy.



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